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The Barossa

The Barossa is recognised throughout Australia as a vital part of the nation’s heritage and is an important wine and tourist region. Explorers and settlers were attracted to the Barossa very soon after the settlement of South Australia in 1836.

George Fife Angus conducted a program of assisted immigration that was to have lasting effects on the character of the Barossa. The largest group was German Lutherans who came to South Australia in 1838-1841, seeking to escape religious restrictions in Prussia. This strong German influence is reflected in the immaculate Lutheran Churches spread throughout the Barossa landscape. Along with them, British immigrants arrived to add diversity to the settlements and commence farming, grape growing and winemaking.

The Barossa is Australia’s most famous wine region with festivals held throughout the year reflecting the wine, religion, music, architecture, and food. German style yeast cakes, smoked meats, smallgoods and preserved fruits have developed into a distinct cuisine heralded as “Food Barossa.”