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Family-owned Australian wine

Hartz Barn Wines is a family-operated vineyard and wine enterprise based in the village of Moculta, Eden Valley, Barossa region of South Australia. The home of Hartz Barn Wines has supported the families of the district as a General Store (known as Hentschke General Store) since 1885 offering an extensive range of goods and services.

In 1997 the simplicity and serenity of the Barossa heritage village of Moculta captured the hearts of Penny Hart and David Barnett.

Respecting and wishing to contribute to the grape growing heritage of Moculta, they planted their 9.2 hectare DENNISTONE vineyard on the village boundary and took up residence in the Hentschke Moculta General Store, established in 1885 by Maria and Ernst Hentschke.

Motivated more from the heart than the disciplines of business, Penny and David named their wines HARTZ  BARN, an adaption of heart balm and a reference to their personal commitment, expecting their wines to bring comfort and solace to themselves and to share with others. HARTZ  BARN  WINES also encapsulates David’s winemaking philosophy of avoiding dominance of the wine making technology to allow creative expression and the true character of the Dennistone Vineyard grapes to show in the winesOur Hartz Barn Wines label depicts the Moculta General Store and the activities that took place are recorded with the varieties of our wines.